Should I let a Hospital resident Treat me?

During the time of emergency, we just look around the hospital and haunt for some doctor who can immediately look after you. We see a staff in the hospitals that are similar to doctors and treat patients like medics. But are they actually qualified doctors? They are termed as a hospital resident.

Who are hospital residents?

A resident is a graduate from medical school, and he, or she holds a medical degree. They are the house staff in the hospital taking particle training by working in-house in the hospital. These residents can take training for three to seven years in the specialized filed. The first year of their training is termed as intern and then as per the years of experience, their post as an intern gets changed to one year experienced resident. There are junior and senior residents who are given the post based on their experience. A chief resident is the most experienced person among the house staff.

What do they do?


Like other medical care providers, residents too provide care to their patients. As a physician, they will diagnose the medical problem in you and then will plan a proper medical treatment for your problem.

A junior resident will follow the instruction of the senior resident. Thus, as per the responsibility given by the senior physical the junior physician will perform the task. With each advancing year, the responsibilities get change, and they become a specialist at the final stage of training.

What type of patients can a hospital resident look after?

There is no such special type of patients that they would treat. As a physical, they will look after all patients. They will first diagnose the health problem and only after that they will plan the treatment.

During the treatment, their senior residents and specialist physicians supervise the residents. They first most responsibility is to attend the patients and then give them a proper treatment under the guidance of attending physician. They directly take care of the patients and give them timely treatment in hospital. They involve in the activities like morning report, day rounds and educational activities.

During rounds, there is a team of doctors to keep a check on the residents. When they are not on rounds, they are then assigned the responsibility to diagnose the treatment procedure and consult a head doctor for the specialist advice and suggestions.


To conclude, taking a treatment from a hospital resident is not a risk. They perform their responsibilities with the specialist guidance and advice. Thus, when they treat you, they know what is right and carry the procedure of the treatment with care. They won’t treat you without a proper consulting from the senior physician.

No matter how bad is your condition they won’t start the treatment without diagnosing the problem. This means that you will be treated rightly and with good care. So henceforth, if you have any medical problem, you can get treatment by a hospital Resident.

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