If I just feel “weird” can I take a sick day?

Everyone has this one-day when you feel tired, sick and confused. You don’t identify what is happening to you. Is it a pain or feeling weird? All you wanted is just a day off from everything and anything. You don’t seem like doing anything and want to rest back in your bed whole day. However, one mind of your is still saying to get up and get back to your work. In this confusing situation, you are entirely blank about what you should do.

But is it a call for a sick day when you are feeling strange? Should you take a leave from work? Don’t get stress! Let us study; some of the things that will help you decide what is correct for you.

Question yourself what you are feeling and why you want to stay home alone. Is it an excuse to stay away from the meeting or want to skip your exam? Question yourself. Stress of your important meeting and exam can make you feel sick. If the stress is your problem then, you must stay at home. You need a calm and relax time for yourself.

Why do you feel weird?

There are many reasons behind this. Feeling weird can be due to depression, stressed or incomplete sleep. We work hard every day. To give our body adequate relaxation is crucial. If in case you are not able to give proper rest to your body then you might feel restless, drowsy and dull. You won’t feel like doing anything. If this is your case then, you must take a leave from everything and go off to sleep. It is not a sick day, but if your sleep is not completed correctly then you have to call it a day off.

However, on the other hand, due to relationship ups and downs and failure, we go through depression and stress. This will make you feel lonely and dull. You won’t feel like doing anything on this day and wants to spend time with yourself. This wired situation could be handle only by doing what your mind asks you to do.

It is ok to give an excuse of illness when you are not?

For almost everyone, disease means physical illness. Fever and other medical disease are considered under sickness. However, mental and inner illness is still not referred as a major term. Feeling weird is a sign of internal illness. Though your body is perfectly fit, you are not fine internally. Your must take a leave when you are going through this situation.

Feeling wired is a word that makes you feels low when you do not know what you must be doing and how everything has to be controlled. With a sick leave you can get time to spend with yourself and you will surely feel better than before.

It is perfectly fine if your are feeling wired and you call it as a sick day!

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