Fat Freezing at Home

Yes, folks, it’s probably safe to say in this article that at one time or another, you have stood in front of a mirror and said to the mirror: “I need to lose some serious weight and some of this fat around my tummy.” On the other hand, in case you missed the memo, there is a difference between losing weight and losing fat; it’s not the same and it is all about what happens to the cells in your body. And that is where freezing fat and Coolsculpting comes to the rescue with a parachute.

Here are a few facts you need to know about your weight problem and the fat cells in your body: loosing weight will make your fat cells smaller but simply loosing weight will not make the fat cells disappear. Actually, the losing or gaining weight headache will only change the size of body fat cells – not increase or decrease them. Ergo, when a person gains weight fat cells get bigger. You may have seen articles about freeze fat also known as a fat freeze and one of the ways is a procedure know as a cool-sculpting. What is does will reduce the number of fat cells in the area that has been treated by as much as 20 percent to 25 percent. And if the procedure is applied in a correct way, the fat cells are eliminated so they won’t go looking to another part of your body. You might want to read this unique article on coolsculpting at home.

Note: Keep in mind that what you eat does matter and as food travels through your body to your digestive system then to your liver, excess fat will be stored and find home’s in your fat cells. Cool-sculpting will freeze and start them to die off, but this procedure will not help you lose weight.