Are humidifiers helpful if you have the flu?

Yes! Humidifiers are helpful when you suffer from flu. They are useful tools that help you in boosting your indoor comfort ability and sooth’s the delicate respiratory system. It reduces the heating cost when you have a severe cold during winters. One of the most important benefits you get from this tool is that it keeps you and little ones away from the flue.

There is already flu season running around, so it is crucial that you must use this tool. To give you assurance let us look at:

Why must you use Humidifier?

  • It stops the spread of flu germs

Flu germs survive more in dry air conditions. Thus, boosting your indoor humidity is crucial to keep these germs away from you and your little ones. If you keep the humidity level in the house maintained then the chances of transmit of flue germs is less. The humidity level indoor must be ranging between 40 to 50% to control the spread of germs. Thus, this tool with the low-priced hygrometer helps you keep the humidity on top.


  • Makes it easier for you to breath

Runny nose, coughing, sore throat and sinus congestion are the common symptoms of flu. These signs make it hard for you to breath. This expedient tool will help you give the right moisture to your nose, throat and lungs. This makes it easier to pass air through your respiratory system. It is always advisable to use warm mist humidifier when you are suffering from flu; the warm moist will give extra comfort.

  • Help you feel better

The soothing moist eases the airway in your respiratory system and you feel much better than before. It creates a comfortable environment in the indoor atmosphere. This also helps you give a relaxing rest and keeps you away from fighting for right breath.

  • Keeps you away from future illness

Cilia are the petite hair in your nose. They protect you from inhaling bacteria and germs while breathing. However, if your nose is dry then they cannot perform their action and hence you are more affected by bacteria’s. With the Humidifiers, you airway is always moist and thus helps your nose hair to perform their action. This keeps you away from bacteria’s and germs.

Types of humidifiers:

There are different types available in this tool t are different in pricing and power to add moisture in the extended area. There are total five types if humidifier:

  1. Central Humidifiers: Adds the best humidity throughout the house. It is directly built in home air conditioning or any heating units.
  2. Evaporators: It blows moisture through it’s moisten filters. They cost more than any drugstore steam vaporizer.
  3. Impeller humidifiers: This one is the child-friendly device, thus protective for your entire family. This one creates cool mist. It is affordable for everyone who is stuck on a budget.
  4. Steam vaporizers: It is budget friendly and available at any drugstore. It is one of the portable humidifiers and can be used in one room. However, they are not a best choice for kids because it can cause burn.
  5. Ultrasonic humidifiers: it produces a cool mist and varies at price. The cost depends on the size of the tool.

Thus, to conclude, it is very helpful to use Humidifier during flu.


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